About us

Welcome to NeatAndSleek!

My name is Madida, I am from Equatorial Guinea. I am very happy today to introduce you to the story of Neatandsleek!

When I was a little girl, I was very interested in braiding others and I really liked it. After my high school, I moved to China to undertake my studies.

After coming to China life it wasn’t that easy and I started making people’s hair including braids, twist, weave(sew in) etc, to earn some money by my own. After doing it for at least two years , I fall in love with it and my passion grew.

I started braiding a lot of girls from my school , and many of them complained about how long it took to have their braids done, some of them used to tell me that they love braids but the stress to have them is way too much, sometimes the edges fell out, the pain when they make them , and the amount of money they had to spend to maintain them etc, “ it just too much for me ” one client said . Then I said to myself why not try to make braids wigs as it used to be done back home years ago but in a more professional way with more natural looking, with added benefit of ease of wear, and no need for long braiding sessions, in the end saving both money and time.

It wasn’t that easy for me to carry it out until I found a hair company (that makes nice, realistic and 100% human wigs). The reason why I chose that company is because I needed natural wigs with good edges that have good material and also partner with a company that acts as a supplier and have good material to carry out my project here in China, as it would be easier to take the business here because China is the maximum supplier and the natural hair market here is very broad and it would be easier for me to evolve and create a reliable business. Apart from that the company has a lot of reputation in the market and handles all the procedures and facilities to ship and deliver the product to my clients.

I try to make the wig with a lot of passion, ensuring the wig is as light as possible since most of the clients worry about the weight.We spend a lot of time improving the weight of each style. The lighter the weight of the hair , the more comfortable the style will feel on your head. We braided and experimented with each style several times until we had achieved the best look with the lightest weight possible between 0.6-0.75kg. also before shipping the wig I try them myself to assure the weight is acceptance and meets my clients expected need.

Comparing our wigs to other typical braided wigs, you will notice our competitors wigs are made with synthetic fibers. These wigs also have very visible knots and the roots are not braided. Our braided wigs are made with virgin human hair lace wigs to give it a very natural look. The high quality lace base provides the illusion of natural human hair coming from the scalp. The hairline is pre-plucked and the knots are already bleached. We guarantee each and every one of our braids are made neatly by hand.

To achieve this goal, we also found a braiding hair supplier to create a custom, one of a kind braiding hair which is both super soft and light. You can’t help but to touch this hair!

We pursue to bring you neat and sleek braids and satisfactory service at an affordable rate. You will definitely have a great experience with NeatandSleek! Thank you for taking the time to go through our page and we hope you love our braided wigs as much as we do.